Free Funstuff

Not an awful lot to show here yet, but Rico is working on it. Meanwhile, why not amaze your friends with these free desktop wallpapers.

Just click on the thumbnails or on one of the links and wait for the image to load. After that, what you do depends on what browser you are using (see bottom of page for instructions).

If there's something that you would really like to see here, let us know and we'll investigate it.

or download this free desktop wallpaper

UFO Wallpaper


or download this free desktop wallpaper

Matrix Wallpaper


download the latest free desktop wallpaper

Lowflying Wallpaper


or download this free desktop wallpaper

Original Vern & Dern Wallpaper


Instructions for saving wallpapers

Click on the link and wait for the image to load. If 1024x768 is too big for your screen, select 800x600 from the bullet to the left of the thumbnail. Once the whole image is on your screen, click the right-hand button of your mouse over it, and after that it depends what browser you are using.

For Internet Explorer, select "Set as Wallpaper".

For Netscape, choose "Save Image", then go "Start" (bottom left of your screen), "Settings", "Control Panel", and double-click on the Display icon to open the Display Properties box—then Browse to find the file that you have just saved.

For Opera, choose "Use image as" then "Desktop background".

Let us know if you have any problems (and maybe even if you don't).

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